Adult Training

We are currently updating our training curriculum and program information – Check back in a day or two!

Training classes are typically offered in the Spring, Summer (during summer-camp weeks) and Fall. We should have the details of the next training posted soon.

Climbing Instructor Training Sponsored By Capitol Area Council B.S.A.

Climbing and Rappelling are among the few BSA activities which challenge and captivate the imagination of all ages. Austin is blessed with proximity to both man-made and natural climbing and rappelling resources. Dok’s Tower at LPSR is one of the finest climbing facilities in the US and the tallest in the state. Austin is in close proximity to Reimer’s Ranch, Enchanted Rock and various city parks where climbing is available. Capitol Area Council (CAC) Climbing Committee is offering the instructor course to satisfy the requirements of the BSA National Standards, Climb On Safely, and the Guide to Safe Scouting, while preparing individuals to supervise and facilitate these activities.

As with other adventure programs, climbing and rappelling are challenge by choice. While BSA has an excellent safety record, there is inherent risk in climbing and rappelling which, with proper management, can be minimized.

Note: The CAC Climbing Committee is no longer supplying units with Instructors for climbing activities. Units wanting to use the tower or climbing gear should send at least one adult to this course.