General Policies

Policies and Procedures for Dok’s Tower, COPE course, Natural Anchors, General climbing and COPE operations.

Dok’s Tower

  • The tower may only be used under the control of a CAC trained and current Climbing Instructor or CAC Climbing Director.

COPE Course

  • The COPE course at GLSR may only be used under the control of a CAC COPE Director.

Natural Areas

  • The Natural Areas supply boxes 1 & 2 may only be checked out by CAC climbing instructors who have been qualified by a CAC Climbing Director in a natural areas setting.
  • Any gear damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the unit to replace. Beyond normal wear and tear typically means rendered unusable.

General Climbing and COPE operations

  • Those rappeling should be encouraged to place the non-braking hand or ‘upper hand’ on the activity line, not the belay line. The belay line is a safety line and should be ignored by the participant.
  • A CAC instructor may retain currency and renew his or her qualification in one year increments by;
    • Participating in at least 10 hours of climbing instruction per year on at least 3 different events.
    • Helping to teach session 1 of the climbing instructor course.
  • A CAC Lead Instructor is defined as:
    • at least ___ hours experience…..
  • A CAC Instructor does not necessarily have to be a registered member of the Capitol Area Council. The term “CAC Climbing Instructor” refers to someone who has completed the Capitol Area Council’s CI training program and is current.


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