Climbing and COPE Director Fund

The Capitol Area Council has a strong and active Climbing and COPE program. The program offers a “Challenge by Choice’ program provide opportunity for our youth to develop self confidence and personal growth.  Strong adult leadership is required to keep this program properly resourced, delivering a safe and available program to the council’s youth.

A Climbing and COPE Director fund has been established to assist the development of trained Climbing and COPE Directors. The fund will help pay the tuition for adult leaders that have demonstrated a commitment to one or both of these programs.

A team appointed by the Capitol Area Councils Climbing Committee Chairperson will select qualified individuals who will be eligible to receive money used for tuition to attend the Climbing or COPE Director’s training at the Philmont Training Center’s near Cimarron, New Mexico. Applicants should make their request for funds to cover training by April 1st during the year they plan to attend training.

To qualify to receive funds from the Capitol Area Councils Climbing and COPE Directors Fund a scout leader/applicant must meet the following criteria.

The Climbing and COPE Director Fund Applicant must:

  1. be 21 years of age
  2. be a registered scout leader in the Capitol Area Council in good standing
  3. have attended the local training as a Climbing Instructor or COPE Facilitator.
  4. have demonstrated leadership in the Capitol Area Council Climbing Committee, to be verified by the three member team of the CACCC reviewing applications
  5. provide a brief written request and describe how the applicant will contribute to the Capitol Area Council’s Climbing and COPE program. This plan will be used to prioritize Climbing and COPE Director training tuition.

Please use this form to make application to the Capitol Area Councils Climbing and COPE Directors Fund.