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Committee Meeting Wednesday Sept, 23rd 2015 7pm – 8pm

Had great turnout at the open house and meeting. Jim Morriss provided excellent presentation on the climbing program and instructor course for open house attendees. Several questions about the training followed, looks like we recruited some new instructors.

Committee meeting officially started just about 7:05, quickly got through several house cleaning items and announcements as follows.

Jim Miller is now COPE & Climbing Committee chair. Please use for communication.

  • Discussion followed regarding either nonexistent, old or lost website credentials and activity tracking. Jim has and will continue to help resolve these issues. If you are having a problem with instructor access to the website, please email Jim Miller. He and Peter will work to get it resolved.

Dave Effland will take the reigns of Equipment and Inventory management. Bob Bollish and Jim Miller will be working with him to get started.

The “North” NA box will be relocated to Jim Miller’s office/shop on Burnet near 183 until further notice.

Changes in standards and rules forthcoming are:

  • Clarification of “recommended” and “acceptable” belay methods. Independant belays are “recommended”, fireman’s belays are “acceptable”.
  • No more stopper/safety/backup knots required on webbing!
  • Clarification of wording on Climb On Safely for Instructor ratios
  • Many of the COPE and Climbing training publications now are on <click here>

The fall 2015 training calendar and chart is correct on the “Training Info” page (scroll down a bit, it’s in blue). Please contact Eric Swenson to volunteer for staff positions. His 411 is also on the Training Info page. Remember, staffing counts towards your Level II and Director renewal. Attendance at the first meeting to discuss NCAP changes is mandatory for renewal.

New Policy: Should an instructor candadate break, loose or otherwise make unusable, any piece of council gear, they must replace it at their expense. This is very rare but basically extends the same rules we have for the NA boxes to the instructor classes.

Instead of the January regular committee meeting, On Friday January 15th, 2016 we will have an evening at Dok’s tower to play. This is for adults to test out their new (or old) christmas presents and play with any of the gear that happens to show up. Might get out some pulleys and ascenders, may rig an aussie or two. Should be a great evening of fun and fellowship for the entire instructor community. Eddie Block has volunteered to steer this event so look for information from him as it approaches.

Past committee minutes and news items have been moved to a new page, “Committee History”. A link to it will remain on the bottom of this page which will be updated after each committee meeting.

Meeting adjourn at 8 sharp.

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