Reservations FAQ’s

Q. Is there any difference in browser support?
A. All popular browsers are supposed to be equal, but some browsers are more equal than others. We recommend Firefox or Safari since they retain form inputs after Submit button is clicked. That’s very handy if you get an error message, since you don’t have to type things back in again.

Q. I paid at the Council Front Desk (or called in the payment to 512-926-6363) but I’m getting an email reminder that I still need to pay. Why?

A. This means the the Front Desk didn’t update your reservation payment status. Call their number with your event id and have them make the update. You don’t want your event canceled by the system and have to start over.

Q. What is the event id all about?
A. The event id is a simple way to refer to your climbing event. It’s easy to pass it around to potential staff for your event (“join our event, id ______”). It’s also used by the Council front desk to make payment.

Q. What are all these events states I can be notified on? What do I really need?
A. Most CI’s are only interested in the Instructors Needed notification, which is set by a Director when additional staff is needed for an event. There are others:
Pending – the initial state of all new reservations. If you want to be notified when a new event is requested, subscribe to Pending.
Payment Needed – this means the event has been approved by a CACCCC director and payment is now needed.
Reserved – set by Council automatically once payment is made.
Closeout Needed – the Lead Instructor needs to enter remaining data about the event to complete it.
Complete – set by the Lead Instructor.

Q. When do I get emails from the Reservations system?
A. If you own an event, you get an email whenever your event goes to a new event state. You also get an email when someone joins or leaves your event. If you subscribe to notifications, you will get an email whenever an event goes into that event state.

Q. Do I get an automatic campsite with Doks Tower or COPE reservations?
A. No, the reservation system only schedules climbing venues. You still need to call the Council to obtain a campsite.

Q. Can the Council make climbing reservations for me when I call the front desk?
A. The front desk only takes payment for climbing venues, and expects you to provide an event id.

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