Reservation Instructions

If you want to set up a climbing event or schedule a COPE course you need to spend a moment to understand the process. Climbing and COPE resources may ONLY be scheduled by CAC recognized climbing and COPE personnel.

  • If you know who your Lead Instructor or COPE director is, let them handle the reservation. They are trained professionals!
  • If you do not have a Lead Instructor or COPE director designated, the Climbing & COPE Committee will try to help you find them (you need at least 2). To start this all rolling, look at the calendar and find 3 dates NOT already scheduled for the activity. Compose an email to include; your name, phone number, unit number and type, how many youth, how many adults, activity and 3 possible dates. The committee will send out a support request and let you know if anyone has stepped up. The farther in advance you make these requests, the better your odds of getting help.
  • For cost and more information specific policy information, read on.


I’m a CAC recognized Instructor, Facilitator or Director, take me to the reservations page…

The reservation process (for Directors, Instructors and Facilitators only)

  1. The requestor fills out a date request for an open date on the calendar and specifies the resource. The calendar will show the resource as “Pending Approval” and the request date is recorded.
  2. A director approves the request and the calendar will show “Pending”.
  3. Payment is submitted to the council office via the form provided. When payment is received at the council office the calendar will show “Reserved” and the date will be locked. * For Natural Areas gear, the event owner will be contacted by someone in the gear handling team to arrange pick-up and return of the gear. (Please do not try to contact them as the gear moves around and premature contact tends to cause confusion.)
  4. The requestor will be notified via email that the reservation is complete and their email address will be linked to the reservation.


  • IF no payment is made within 2 weeks of the initial request, the slot is automatically released and the process starts over.
  • IF a unit cancels they forfeit the slot and are responsible for working out a refund or credit directly with the council office. (Cancelations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.)
  • IF a requestor can not find sufficient help in staffing the event, the CACCCC will try to get the word out but does not guarantee the availability of staff.

Sharing a resource

If a requestor wants to use a resource on a date that is already reserved, he or she may contact the owner of that time slot to request sharing of the resource. The decision to share rests entirely with the owner of the time slot, not the council office, not the committee. It frequently works out in the spirit of scouting that units share both staff and participants very effectively. Other times the nature of the planned event may not fit with a shared situation. The CACCCC encourages sharing where possible but respects the first come first serve nature of the reservation system.