Summer Camp Training

Summer Camp Climbing Instructor Course at LPSR

The summer camp climbing instructor course is a full week of climbing and instruction. It’s a great way to maximixe your time at Lost Pines. While your scouts are earning merit badges, you’ll be earning a National Camp School CI card. Participation also completes a large chunk of the ‘scoutmaster merit badge’ program.

You will get a CAC Climbing Instructor qualification good for two years or longer. It includes the Dok’s tower endorsement so you can check out the tower for your unit. You will also then be qualified to take the Natural Areas qualification and get your NA Endorsement.

Typical Day.

The course is scheduled to begin 30 minutes after youth program starts and ends 10 minutes before the youth programs are complete. This allows adult attendees to be available to their units during transition times and meals. Generally the course will consist of a daily combination of discussions and hands on practicals. These are timed and located to take advantage of the weather. Typically the outdoor hands-on stuff will happen in the morning when it’s cool and class room will happen in the shade (or AC!) in the afternoon. Attendees are expected to help with the tower operation during the afternoon and evening ‘free climb’ sessions. This gives them practice time in a real world environment.

What to bring:

GEAR: Since you’re already for summer camp anyway, it’s pretty straightforward. Bring clothing appropriate for work outside (incl. rain gear); water bottles or hydration system; and pencil and notebook for note taking. Camera is optional but recommended. Do not bring personal climbing gear.

FORMS: A current BSA Health Form with parts A, B & C completed must be brought to the first session (a copy of this form is available here.)

PREREQUISITE: Your certificate showing completion of “Climb on Safely”. You can do this on line or through your district but it should be completed prior to starting the CI course.


Registration fee is $45 billed through the trading post at camp.

Class size is limited to 12 and the roster is first come, first serve.


Sign up at the scoutmaster meeting on Sunday evening

For additional information, contact Steve Bontempo or Jim Miller